EVV Software

Alora integrates EVV into a complete, easy-to-use, agency management solution.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) System


Alora is your one-stop software solution for all aspects of your agency operation, including improved compliance, enhanced efficiency, and hassle-free home care delivery. As part of Alora’s comprehensive home health care software suite, our EVV technology is tailored to meet state and federal requirements and exceed them, offering you an all-in-one system.


With our user-friendly and mobile-ready platform, caregivers can seamlessly clock in right from their smartphones. Meanwhile, administrative teams get real-time access to data with improved accuracy. At Alora, we don’t just provide software; we provide a reliable partner that supports your mission to deliver the best in-home care. Let’s simplify care together for your agency with Alora’s EVV solution.


Alora is an approved alternate EVV vendor in many states.  To learn more about Alora’s EVV solution specifically for your state, please click on your state from the list provided on this page.


EVV Software with both GPS and Telephony options

Alora provides a GPS-based EVV software along with a Telephony based EVV solution as a backup. This way, your caregivers have a fallback option if they cannot access their app to capture GPS-based EVV due to not having a smartphone or internet.



No other software company has more expertise in EVV than Alora. Here’s why:


We were fully integrating EVV into our platform even before federal legislation passed; and we’ve been tailoring our EVV software to meet the exact requirements and processes of state Medicaid programs, which vary from state to state.


Alora was the first alternate software solution provider authorized by several states that have implemented EVV.


By choosing Alora’s award-winning cloud-based emr for home health system,  you’ll not only meet the EVV requirement – all of your EVV activities and information will be completely tied into scheduling, billing, payroll, and every other aspect of your home care services.


Here’s what EVV by Alora looks like for your agency:


  • Your caregiver opens the Alora app on any mobile device and clicks “Start Visit.”
  • Alora immediately begins capturing complete information about the visit, integrating it into your agency workflow data.
  • You can monitor live visits as they occur inside the client’s home.
  • You see delayed visits and no-shows with up-to-the-minute updates.
  • You can speed up billing – because all information from the visit is immediately reflected in claims and payroll processes.
  • Your caregivers and aides are empowered. They can complete their visit notes (Alora generates visit notes based on client’s POC), check their schedules, look up client information, and communicate with your agency through secure mail (with text notification).
  • Your nurses are empowered, too – Alora’s EVV gives them quick access to SN Note and OASIS, so their workflow at the patient’s home is easy and straightforward.
  • Having both GPS based EVV and Telephony options available, with Alora, your caregivers can always capture EVV information.
  • Your agency will eliminate the need for paper timesheets and paper visit notes from all caregivers, including aides/PCWs.  With Alora, your agency can achieve a paperless operation.
  • You will enjoy seamless workflow between EVV and the rest of your agency operation, avoiding unnecessary manual tasks.





When you manage EVV outside of your home health software – i.e., through a stand-alone system – you have to re-enter data. That takes time and brings mistakes.


But Alora software integrates EVV into a complete, easy-to-use software. All of the information for each visit — about the patient, caregiver, agency, schedules, and service provided – is built-in.


So, your caregiver doesn’t have to re-enter information … and your agency gets the benefit of accuracy and efficiency.



Alora has built connectivity with many EVV aggregators, including, Sandata, Tellus (Netsmart), HHAeXchange, and CareBridge to transmit EVV data.  This connectivity allows agencies to use Alora as their all-in-one solution for EVV and agency management.  Alora automatically transmits all visits completed as planned to the EVV aggregator.  Alora flags visits with discrepancies – such as caregiver forgetting to clock out – for manual review before transmitting to the aggregator.