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Alora helps agencies facing the unique challenges of providing care for children at home.


“Alora’s ease of use is amazing. We have used similar software in the past, and Alora has been the easiest software to learn.” – Joe K, Agency Owner


Alora’s Pediatric Home Health Care Software can empower your agency with the tools necessary to provide impeccable patient care while improving operational efficiency. Here’s what makes Alora’s in-home pediatric care software an ideal choice:


  • It works across all devices, including tablets and smartphones
  • It makes clinical documentation easy – assessments, plan of care and visit/shift notes
  • It allows agencies to process all payers – Medicaid, Medicaid waiver programs, Medicare, insurance and private pay
  • Provides comprehensive processes and tools for skilled and non-skilled care
  • Go paperless. No need for your caregivers to drop off documents or timesheets. Alora’s Custom Documents capability lets you convert even your proprietary paper forms for electronic data entry.
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Alora Pediatric Home Health Software:
Products and Features


COVID-19 Screening & Monitoring

Alora provides COVID-19 screening for patients and staff. Special alerts in the system can remind employees if the screening was not completed for themselves or for the patients.


COVID-19 Monitoring Center provides a centralized view for your agency to monitor the COVID-19 risk level for your staff and patients. Instantly know when a staff member or patient is at risk. You can also see who has completed the screening for the day and who has not.


Our entire platform is optimized for tablets and smartphones. All information is safely stored in the cloud, so your caregivers can access Alora software anywhere, anytime.

Clinical Documentation

Your therapists, nurses, and aides can do so much – electronically documenting pediatric assessment, evaluation, plan of care, visit notes, shift notes, missed visit notes, verbal orders, and much more.


The plan of care can be created directly from the assessment, or independent of it. Visit Note is created based on Plan of Care.


Additionally, a shift note facilitates multiple entries of vital checks, treatment orders, and narratives, within the same visit.

Medication Profile with Interaction Alert

Your clinicians can enter and maintain information on patient medications – and the software automatically checks for drug-to-drug interactions and drug-allergy reactions.


Alora also provides materials to educate young patients or their parents/guardians on the medications.

Medication Administration

Do you administer medications for your patients?  If so, you will love Alora’s Medication Administration functionality.


You can specify the scheduled times for each medication.  Based on the scheduled times, Alora provides quick and easy identification of approaching (or delayed) drug administration.


Documenting medication administration is a breeze with a click of a button and features such as multiple medication administration reduces time spent on charting so that more time can be spent on care.


Alora provides the Medication Administration Record (MAR)


Alora offers comprehensive and easy to use pediatric assessments to help thoroughly assess patients.

Plan of Care

Alora offers the traditional CMS-485 as well as an enhanced “living” plan of care. Generate plan of care automatically from the pediatric assessment or create it independently. Plan of Care can be faxed directly from the Alora system to the physician with just a click.

Visit Notes driven by Plan of Care

Did your caregivers actually do what was required in the patient’s plan of care? You won’t have to wonder – Alora’s pediatric in-home care software generates patient-specific visit notes that are derived from the plan of care.

Shift Note

Dynamic Shift Note capabilities for nursing visits for documenting multiple vital checks, intake/output orders, timed shift narrative documentation, seizure log, and any additional treatment orders.

Care Plan Templates

Feel confident developing a care plan for top home care diagnoses with integrated best practice interventions.  Customize or create your own care plan templates, set of disciplinary orders/interventions and goals, and integrate them into the comprehensive assessment to meet your agency’s needs to establish a plan of care.

Custom Documents

Do your staff complete any custom paper documents that were created by your agency?


Alora’s Custom Documents option lets you upload your master documents into the Alora system and have your staff complete and sign those documents electronically, anytime, within Alora.


You do not need to rely on paper documents any longer.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

You can create and maintain an Emergency Preparedness Plan for each of your patients in Alora’s pediatric home care software.

Other Capabilities

Your caregivers can easily access their schedules and find directions to the patient’s home. And the software allows you to limit visibility to those patients a caregiver serves. Other helpful features include supply log, transfer summaries, discharge summaries, integrated EVV, patient and vitals history dashboard – and a phrase look-up tool to aid in documentation.



It’s so much more than a calendar: Alora allows you to enter and view schedules from the angle of a patient, caregiver or agency as a whole. Our software also alerts you to potential conflicts or issues with compliance (such as frequency of visits or prior authorizations). And you can view the schedule the way you prefer – by month, week, day or certification period.  Alora Home Health Software also includes a “batch entry of visits” option that allows the ability to view, enter and update visits in rows and columns format.

EVV (GPS and Telephony options)

Alora has it integrated into its system. EVV lets you capture proof of a visit, and our “live monitoring” capability lets you see home visits in progress and identify no-shows. It also automates the flow of accurate data into billing and payroll.

Electronic Faxing

Alora lets you send and receive faxes with a single click, without the need for a machine. So sending the plan of care, orders and other documents is easy and efficient. A fax confirmation log keeps a permanent history of all the faxes sent as well as their status.

Document Review / Q.A.

Onscreen, you can review caregivers’ completed documents – to approve or return them to the clinician for correction.

Secure Internal Email

Stay in contact with all staff, including caregivers in the field, with HIPAA-compliant email (which features built-in mobile texting to let them know email is waiting). Internal email keeps your agency’s people connected with each other.

Dashboards and Analytics

It’s your single-view look at what’s in progress – and what still needs to be done. Which forms are due? Which orders have yet to be sent? Which caregivers’ credentials are expiring? We display it all in one place, and you get to determine the level of information your agency’s users can access.

Prior Authorization Tracking and Monitoring

We’ve made it easier to comply with payers’ requirements for prior authorization. Alora alerts you to authorization information that’s missing or attempts to exceed limits – whether the authorizations are recurring or for a set period of time. During billing, authorization codes automatically flow into claims.

Communication Log

Communication Logs are available for patients as well as for staff.  Document any type of communication that you would like to keep a record of.  You can run reports filtered by communication type.

Open Shift Notification

With Open Shift Notification, you can broadcast messages to your caregivers to quickly fill unassigned visits.  Interested caregivers can request the visits through the app. 


This feature significantly increases the workflow efficiency in finding available caregivers to take on unassigned visits. Learn more about Open Shift Notification.


Alora also lets you track patient referrals … create and maintain logs for the patient and caregiver communication as well as patient hospitalization … generate paperless records (scanned document storage) for patients, caregivers, and office … handle multiple offices in one system … and more.


Billing for all Payers

We designed our billing solution to help you maximize revenue. Alora Home Health Software lets you generate electronic or paper claims for all payers – Medicare, Medicaid/waiver (in any state), VA, private insurance and private pay. Before you bill, you can double-check accuracy and compliance with a built-in, pre-billing Quality Assurance tool.

Pre-Billing QA

Pre-Billing QA provides a quick view of any missing items that are needed before billing can be performed.  This tool is very useful for billers as well as staff responsible for compliance monitoring.  Missing items are shown in red for quick attention.

Accounts Receivables and Financial Reports

It’s robust: Alora keeps track of charges, payments, and adjustments and creates summaries or detailed financial reports tailored to the needs of billers, administrators, owners, and accountants. Payments can be posted electronically or through manual entry.


With Alora, you can track pay rates for each caregiver – standard rate or special rate for each service type – and calculate gross pay for each employee for the pay period. Pay rates can be set by time or by visit. You can also generate reports and export payroll data.

Employee Credential Tracking

Up-to-date driver’s license, auto insurance, TB tests and other credentials are a necessity for your front-line team, and Alora helps you track it all. Our software alerts you as key dates approach – and you can customize tracking and alerts to meet your agency’s specific needs.

Scanned Document Storage

Store your paper documents in Alora Pediatric Home Care Software and go paperless.  You can store documents for the pediatric patients and for the staff.  You can create folders in Alora to organize your documents by category.

Multi-Office Capability

Does your agency have more than one office?  Alora can accommodate all of your offices within one system, for no additional cost.

Travel Time & Mileage Calculator

If your agency tracks travel time or mileage, this tool can save you a lot of time .  Alora system can automatically calculate the travel time and mileage, utilizing a mapping service, for your caregiver’s travel from one patient visit to the next.


You can customize this tool to not to calculate travel time if the time gap between two visits exceeds the limit set by you.

Report Generation

Knowledge is power, and Alora Home Health Care Software gives you deep knowledge of your agency’s activities by letting you generate reports on Medicare cost, census, visits, compliance, financials – and a vast array of other areas. Best of all, you can customize report generation based on your agency’s needs at any given time.


We’ve made it easier for your back office to run better with other features – such as one-click claims transmission, month-end closing option for financial transactions and the ability to track general ledger accounts.

Product Screenshots

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Alora Home Health Software for Pediatrics is a complete, mobile-ready solution that empowers your staff with all the tools necessary to facilitate impeccable pediatric patient care.

Clinicians, administrators, schedulers, billers, aides, and other agency staff will all enjoy a system designed to work on their device of choice to complete their workflow, their way.  Alora’s comprehensive solution combined with its unsurpassed simplicity and industry’s best one-on-one customer service will empower your agency with better patient outcomes, a more productive staff, and sustained agency profitability.


  • Mobile Ready & Fully Responsive – Use Alora Pediatric on your device of choice including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Handle Pediatric Assessments, Plan of Care, Visit Notes, Shift Notes, all the essential functions using Alora’s in-home pediatric care software
  • Designed for ease of use for caregivers, allowing greater patient care
  • Automation of tasks allowing administrators greater control, higher efficiency, sustained profitability, and measurable ROI


Engineered for Pediatric Home Health Workflow




Alora Pediatrics allows agencies the ability to meet the needs of Private Duty care for children in a user-friendly format.  You can complete Pediatric Assessments, Pediatric Visit Notes and Shift Notes and develop Pediatric Plan of Care for Home Health. Through the automation of Alora Home Health Software, the system provides documentation of what types of treatment pediatric patients receive, and how often, all in a secure HIPAA compliant user interface.


Engineered with the tasks of the nurse/caregiver in mind, Alora’s Pediatric Home Health Software allows your field staff to focus on delivering the highest level of child care without the restrictions that difficult navigation of limited software often imposes.


Key Features Essential to Completion of Tasks




  • Complete Pediatric Assessments in a browser-based secure environment
  • Record items on a frequency basis, with multiple recordings of treatments and vitals at different intervals
  • Creation of care plan from Pediatric Assessment
  • Shift Notes with multiple recording frequency
  • Medication Administration Log
  • Intuitive Scheduler handles home care visits as well as shift visits
  • Track Prior Authorization and utilization
  • Integrated Electronic Visit Verification for proof of visit
  • Automation of key tasks
  • Electronic Faxing of all orders
  • Physician’s Portal


For a full list of features or a demo of our Pediatric Homecare Solution, please call us at 1-800-954-8250 to schedule a demo at a time of convenience.


The Alora Difference – Offering You More Options

Designed to be a cloud-based complete solution for whatever type of homecare your business provides, Alora is also an ideal solution for agencies with multiple business lines. Many combination agencies who provide skilled and non-skilled care, as well as hospice, private duty, pediatrics, or any combination, utilize Alora’s Hospice Software, software for private duty, homecare software, and emr for home health solutions. We would love to chat with you about how our software system can support the intricacies of your agency’s workflow.




Our commitment to your agency prioritizes your growth and sustained success using Alora as a process to which our staff involves itself deeply. For more than a decade, agencies in the Alora family have depended on us to stay on top of industry changes, technology advancements, and compliance parameters with regard to how they can best achieve their business and patient care goals. We pride ourselves on staying focused on your agency’s ability to thrive utilizing our solutions.


Alora’s full-time support team offers enthusiastic and thorough training for your staff from day one. Our live one-on-one agents are available when you need them, and seek to develop relationships with you and your staff. Whether you have a single, or multiple offices spanning several states, we value your trust in our solutions to make your business reach its goals and your patients experience the quality care our system can help you provide.


Call us anytime for questions at 1-800-954-8250, or to tell us about yourself and your agency’s needs. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.