Proven to be easy to use.

Simplicity can’t be claimed; it has to be experienced. So, spend just a few minutes on a demonstration of Alora, and you’ll see just how simple it is, compared to other home health software. Also: If you or your team ever need help – a real person will answer the phone, not a voice menu.

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Eliminates paper.

OK, so this seems like an obvious benefit – yet, many home health and home care agencies still rely on pen-and-paper methods. If you’re one of them, Alora provides you with an easy transition to the future. (And the future is paperless!)

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Does what you need it to do.

Alora software has evolved around the changing needs of home health and home care agencies. It covers all aspects of front-line care and back-office administration. Works on all devices. Lets you bill all kinds of payers.

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Gets high marks.

Alora isn’t the best-known software – but it’s one of the best-liked. Customers rate Alora and its support team 4.8 out of 5 stars (SOURCE). Plus, 98% of Alora support calls are answered live – and the remaining 2% are called back within the hour.

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Makes training really easy.

Training can be scheduled around your agency’s unique needs and priorities. You can onboard your team quickly. And if you’re switching from another software provider, your agency’s cash flow won’t be disrupted.

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Keeps you compliant.

By making it easy to enter and safeguard data, Alora keeps you well-prepared for compliance surveys. It also offers built-in prompts and reminders to prevent errors and keep data entry on track.

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Offers flexibility in pricing.

Some software providers charge by the seat. If that works for you, great – but if you’d rather pay based on the number of patients you have, that’s OK, too. You can also limit functionality to front-line care of back-office administration.

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Builds in visit verifications.

If you’re using a separate, stand-alone system to manage electronic visit verification, Alora’s built-in (and robust) EVV keeps you from redundant manual entry. That saves time and promotes accuracy.

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Helps retain staff.

Software is a big part of a caregiver’s workday. Because Alora makes steps and tasks so easy to accomplish, your front-line team will find it a much better experience. (And happier team members tend to stick around.)

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Alora grows with you.

If you’re a small home health / home care agency, Alora provides an all-in-one, turnkey system. You can build front-line care and back-office billing and administration around a system configured to best practices. You’ll also have a responsive – and helpful – partner in Alora.

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Make it easier for your agency to run better.

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