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We’re well into 2019, and it seems PDGM (Patient-Driven Groupings Model) is among the most discussed healthcare topics at the moment. From industry trade publications to speakers at national conferences, everyone is talking about how PDGM will affect home health agencies in 2020. The information can be insightful, but it can also be overwhelming. Here is a key-point summary that will help your home health agency prepare for 2020, both financially and operationally.

How Home Health Agencies can prepare for PDGM 


 Financial Implications of PDGM

The obvious concerns with PDGM relates to changes in the structure and methodology of how home health agency reimbursements are handled. By definition, the initiative’s goal is to encourage agencies to focus on outcomes above all other goals. CMS hopes that PDGM will result in better patient outcomes at lower costs.




 While financial considerations are of first importance to home health agencies, PDGM also presents operational challenges that must be addressed.


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Wise planning in 2019 can help prepare home health agencies for the massive PDGM changes scheduled for January 1st 2020.


In the end, PDGM presents complex challenges to home health agencies. However, it may also provide opportunity. Forward-thinking companies need to act now and create a plan for 2020. Successes will likely result from technological solutions combined with a realignment of staffing resources.

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