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California Electronic Visit Verification Phase II Information


Like most other states, EVV was mandated for the state of California via the 21st Century Cures Act. Phase I of California EVV began at the start of 2021, with Phase II set to begin in January of 2022. What services are covered? Who is California's EVV state aggregator, and can I select my own system for my agency? We answer those questions and cover the bases in this blog...

Missouri Sandata Electronic Visit Verification Update


EVV was mandated for the state of Missouri with a 2021 start date for some agency types. Per the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS), Electronic visit verification is required for all Medicaid Personal care services administered within the state. Missouri has now chosen a vendor to be its official state aggregator...


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Georgia Electronic Visit Verification Start Date Postponed


Following the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act, EVV was mandated for the state of Georgia. The initial official Go-live date for Georgia Medicaid EVV was July 1, 2021, however as of June 2021 the date has been postponed.

When is its official start date? What types of services are covered under the requirements? What model of state EVV does Georgia fall under? What kind of data must be transmitted for each visit? Is the state providing a free EVV system? Can I use my current EVV software and still be compliant? In this blog you will find information and answers to each of those questions and more...


To view the Minnesota Medicaid EVV System solution by Alora, click here


June 2021 Minnesota Electronic Visit Verification Update


As states begin to emerge from the hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our home health blog is committed to providing the latest updates on EVV implementation on a state-by-state basis. In this blog we focus on the latest news out of Minnesota, and the June 2021 news that the state has selected an official EVV aggregator.

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Wyoming Medicaid EVV 

Information on Wyoming Electronic Visit Verification 


As home health and personal care agencies continue to move towards compliance with regulatory requirements with regard to Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), agencies in Wyoming face important deadlines for EVV implementation. Wyoming Department of Medicaid requirements will need to be met for certain types of care in the state, or agencies will chance the risks of denied payments and other possible penalties. Get info on the start date, the state-sponsored system, and more in this blog...