What Grants Are Available to Home Health Agencies?

Funding a business out of your own pocket can be taxing, literally and figuratively. Even more so since the pandemic hit, as a home healthcare provider your business was probably affected by the onset of COVID-19. Many homecare businesses are going through issues with short staffing, high demand, and increased cost of operating. Most agencies could probably use some relief right about now, and the good news is that you may be able to qualify for grants that could help fund your homecare business’ needs. Now is the perfect time to learn about how you can qualify for those grants. From funding for starting a new agency, to paying for operational workflow necessities like Home health or Private Duty Homecare Software, in this blog, we’ll highlight some of the most popular grants open to homecare and healthcare businesses, as well as review best practices by which agencies can search for and develop a process for applying for grants successfully.

1. Rural Health Network Development Planning Program:

Ideal for agencies that don’t operate in larger cities or urban markets, for this grant, the applicant’s organization must describe in detail their experience/capacity to serve rural populations. Promoting the planning and development of integrated healthcare worker networks to expand access, coordinate and improve the quality of basic health services and associated health outcomes.

Estimated total program funding: 2,000,000

Expected # of awards: 20

Info: Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Adminstration.

Contact:  Nkem Osian (301)443-2751 Nosian@hrsa.gov

2. Small Business Innovation Program, Phase 1 Department of Health and Human Services Adminstration for Community Living

The purpose of the federal SBIR program is to stimulate technological innovation in the private sector and strengthen the role of small business in meeting federal research development. Smaller to midsized agencies can benefit from applying for this grant.

Contact: Brian Bard Brainbard@acl.hhs.gov

3. Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization:

Again, with a priority of helping new agencies get off the ground, and growing agencies grow larger, this grant focuses on small businesses in their pursuit of health and human services-related contracts.

Link: https://www.hhs.gov/about/agencies/asfr/ogapa/osdbu/index.html#osdbu-organization

4. Dementia Care and Caregiver Support Intervention Research:

This grant focuses on agencies that provide the care needed to promote the health, functions and well-being of people with Alzhiemers.

Contact: NIH OER Webmaster OerWebmaster03@od.nih.gov

Link: https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-21-307.html

How Should I Seek information on Existing Grants or Apply for Them?

If you aren’t familiar with what a grant is and why they are made available, they are essentially monetary allowances funded by the government, a charitable foundation, or a company to help with business costs, growth, and economic stimulation. Anyone can apply or write a grant by following just a few simple steps.

Determine Your Funding Needs

Running a home healthcare agency requires; staff, medical equipment, a home base (building), office supply and possibly transportation. Assess your business needs and determine your funding necessities. You can find a grant for any of these needs with a simple search. Here’s the scoop on different funding categories:

  • Annual Campaigns: This grant can cover annual operating expenses, program expansion and building improvement.
  • Building/ Renovation: You may need help building or updating an existing facility.
  • Capital Support: These grants can be used for equipment needs.
  • Conferences: Cover attending, planning, and hosting conferences. You can also use this funding to pay for printing and advertising.

Where Can I Find Information on Grants for Home Health Agencies?

There are plenty of opportunities available to your agency, many of which will start with a simple google search. To figure out what kind of grants your business can qualify for, you will want to start searching for home health-related grants on websites like Human and Health Services or HHS.gov, one of the largest grant-making agencies in the United States. The HHS has a division dedicated to small businesses that could help businesses like yours pursue healthcare, home healthcare, and human services.

Grants.gov is another major source of grants where you can easily search for your specific needs. You can optimize your options of receiving grants for your home health agency by also searching:

  • Your Local and Federal Agencies.
  • The Small Business Administration.
  • Minority Grants websites (for agencies owned and operated by ethnic minorities)


Grants for home health providers

Understanding The Application Process

 Writing a grant is not rocket science, and even though some of the lengthy applications may make it seem like you need to be a scholar, it really just takes time and a little focus. Just like anyone can receive a grant, anyone can write one. Luckily these grants have applications with thorough directions that are easy to follow. A grant application is just like a business proposal, so if you ever had to seek out investors for your agency this isn’t any different.

You can also enlist the help of a professional grant writer who can ensure your grant application is done correctly. Most standard requirements for a grant are:

  • Executive Summary: An overview of your main points.
  • Program Design: A series of questions and considerations which guide the proposal writer.
  • Evaluation Plan: A written document that describes how you will monitor and evaluate your programs, and how you’ll plan on using the results of evaluation for program improvement.
  • Organization Program: The specific roles and responsibilities within your business.
  • Sustainability Statement: A statement of proof that you’ll be able to maintain your business.
  • Budget

Grant Programs are Only Successful if People Apply and Receive them

As you prepare to write a grant for your business, keep in mind that these grants were created to be awarded. Someone will receive these funds, and someone’s business will be positively impacted by them… it’s up to you to decide if that “Someone” is you. The grant application process gets easy to maneuver through once you get the hang of it, and figuring out what grants are available to you is half the battle. For smaller agencies, in particular, scoring a grant can certainly be considered one of the best things you can do to grow your home health agency,  as agencies that have received grants enjoy more economic flexibility and greater growth potential. There is no time like the present to make it happen!

Author’s Note: Views, information, and guidance in this resource are intended for information only. We are not rendering legal, financial, accounting, medical, or other professional advice. Alora disclaims any liability to any third party and cannot make any guarantee related to the content.

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