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Missouri EVV Update

Missouri Sandata Electronic Visit Verification Update


EVV was mandated for the state of Missouri with a 2021 start date for some agency types. Per the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS), Electronic visit verification is required for all Medicaid Personal care services administered within the state. Missouri has now chosen a vendor to be its official state aggregator…




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The State of Missouri (State) Office of Administration (OA) has awarded a contract to Sandata Technologies, LLC. (Sandata) to implement the State’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). The selection was announced in June of 2021. The announcement follows the national push for states to meet compliance with the specifications and requirements established by the federal 21st Century Cures Act (the Cures Act), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rules and regulations, and Missouri Rule 13 CSR 70-3.320.


More about Sandata EVV

Sandata has made waves as a national EVV provider, working with providers and 3rd party systems across the country to offer EVV compliance and options. As part of the Missouri contract, Sandata will implement an EVV vendor-neutral aggregator system designed to interface and store the data from any compliant Missouri EVV vendor operating in the state. Sandata will ensure the option for vendor solutions to interface with the EVV systems and ensuring the required data elements are being captured and exchanged.

Working with some of the earliest states that implemented EVV such as Ohio, Sandata is experienced in developing interfaces with multiple EVV and related Missouri Home Health Software with EVV vendors, and has done so across multiple states.


Missouri EVV Info & Training


Sandata has announced their organization will provide the necessary specifications for EVV vendor integration. In addition, Sandata will offer training for both EVV vendors and personal care service providers regarding the implementation of the aggregator system. Based on Missouri’s status as a “Provider Choice model,” each personal care service provider can choose their preferred Missouri EVV vendor and is responsible for ensuring the EVV data can be recorded into the EVV vendor’s system accurately and in a timely manner.

Communications from Sandata regarding initial steps for data and system integration will be forthcoming. EVV-related bulletins, administrative rules, and other announcements can be found at the MO HealthNet
Division’s website.



Home health care service providers are not required to be fully EVV compliant until 2023.

Initially, all home health and personal care providers were instructed to be able to demonstrate EVV implementation compliance as outlined in the Cures Act by January 1, 2020. Missouri then applied for and was approved for a Good Faith Effort Exemption for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). As a result, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) did not apply reductions in federal medical percentage during 2020; however, if personal care service providers in Missouri were not fully compliant by January 1, 2021, the risk of reductions has taken effect. Home health care service providers are not required to be fully EVV compliant until 2023.


In concert with the 21st Century Cures Act, Missouri agency requirements for EVV state that compatible systems must electronically capture:



Missouri providers who offer any of the following services will be required to implement an EVV documentation system


Can I use an alternate EVV system outside of the state-provided system?


Missouri is an open model state. As mentioned previously in this blog, the State of Missouri in June of 2021 selected Sandata to be its Electronic Aggregator Solution for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), however, all providers are free to use an alternate EVV System for Missouri so long as the system meets the aggregator specification requirements.


Is an EVV software vendor necessary if my agency already uses a company that captures documentation services and already has the capability to collect visit data?

If your agency already has an EVV system that collects all the data elements that are required and is able to exchange data with the aggregator then there is only a need to check and ensure this is done in full compliance with the state’s chosen system.
All EVV vendors or alternate EVV system providers will have to work with your agency and the state to verify they are collecting the mandatory data elements and are able to send them successfully.



Missouri home health care and personal care agencies are free to choose any compliant EVV system for Missouri, Alora Home Health Software for Missouri offers an award-winning solution, consistently rated as the easiest to use by caregivers and managers alike. Alora is a compatible EVV system for Missouri Medicaid EVV protocols. Caregivers can complete visits on their smartphones or tablets…while administrators can enjoy the power of managing the entire agency from the convenience of their mobile devices or desktop computers. Alora was engineered with the expertise of real home health professionals and software technology experts, resulting in an extraordinarily easy-to-use software system. With free training and an easy-to-use interface, agency adoption is seamless and quick.


ALORA is an Alternate EVV Provider for the State of Missouri – Learn more



MassHealth EVV Requirements






More about ALORA

Alora makes work life easier for both administrators and caregivers. The benefits of having Electronic Visit Verification fully integrated within Alora’s Missouri homecare software system begin with the fact that Alora already houses visit information from the point the caregiver arrives at a patient’s home. Upon their arrival at a patient’s residence, caregivers can simply press “Start Visit” and proceed with patient care.

Stand-alone EVV systems lack prior data from the visit, lack information on a client’s Medicaid ID, and lack agency information, caregiver identity, and details of the services being provided. Caregivers are forced to enter all of this information upon arrival, wasting time and raising the risk of manual entry mistakes. A state-approved system requires extensive training and the hassle of navigating EVV data in two separate systems. Alora’s EVV solution removes these burdens from agencies with a centralized interface designed for both agency admin and caregiver ease. Caregivers can use Alora EVV on their mobile device of choice.

ALORA offers: Telephony Automation for Added Assurance – An All-in-One Solution for Missouri Home Health Care – An Award-Winning Solution for Productivity, Efficiency, and Financial Success

See it for yourself

Learn additional information about electronic visit verification in Missouri by visiting the Missouri department of social services website


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