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Notice of Admission Billing Questions

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Home health agencies nationwide are preparing for CMS’ declaration that No Pay RAPS will be replaced with a Notice of Admission process, scheduled to go into implementation on January 1, 2022. Earlier in the year, CMS published a memo explaining how to submit an NOA, however, many homecare providers still have a lot of questions.

What should your agency be doing to prepare for NOA?


CMS’ intent for the transition from No Pay RAPS to Notice of Admission billing, was to simplify the process and give agencies a more cut and dry administrative protocol. While the two are different in some ways, they do share many things in common.

The Alora Home Health blog is committed to providing a resource to agencies, home health software users, and other interested parties within the homecare industry to successfully navigate regulatory changes such as 2022 NOA billing. In addition to a free NOA Billing Webinar, we have provided a resource blog that answers many of the NOA billing questions including but not limited to:



Go to:  Notice of Admission Information

Watch The On-Demand Notice of Admission (NOA) Webinar now to learn step-by-step what you need to do to prepare your agency for this January 1, 2022 Medicare change.


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