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Home Healthcare Industry Lamenting the Return of the Unpopular “Pre-Claim Review Demonstration"

Scores of industry notables and shareholders within the home health care industry are preparing themselves for another conflict over Pre-Claim Review Demonstration (PCRD), the ever controversial initiative spearheaded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). While its original intent was reducing fraud and improper billing in the home health care spectrum, the unpopularity of the policy is consistent, based on its mandate to providers to send in claims for processing much earlier in the care process to increase the likelihood of them meeting requirements.

Judge Renders Important Ruling Affecting Homecare

This week in the world of Homecare news, several media outlets are reporting that an important decision was recently rendered by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, striking down a recent Companionship Services/Overtime rule put into place by the Department of Labor. The DOL created rule would have imposed a number new rules affecting the status of Homecare employees, the hours they work, and the wages they are compensated with just to scratch the surface.

  May 31, 2018  Payment Reform Proposal has caused a litany of confusion on topics around the industry. One particular section of the bill, which is the legislation outlined “30-day units of service,” seemingly grants no clarity to whether or not home health care providers will be...

Quality of Home Health Care on The Rise as are New Patients in Homecare & Hospice


In the recent news cycle, more patients are entering into home health and hospice than in the last decade, largely due to the overall aging population. This surge has created more business and revenue for the Home Health Care and Hospice industry, and with it, a demand for improvement in quality of home health care. From 2016 through this year, statistics have recently shown improvement spanning all the major areas of the industry. In tandem, the rate of hospital readmission has shown little movement in the baseline measurement for the last 5 years.

  March 15, 2018  Alora Home Health Software Earns Top Rankings in 2017 Software Advice “Reviewer’s Choice Awards” “Atlanta GA Based Provider Received Highest Marks from Users in the Categories of Overall Performance, Customer Service, & Ease of Use”  ATLANTA, GA – March 15, 2018 - Atlanta based Home Health Software provider...

Healthcare Companies Increase Consideration of  Investment in Home Health Care Sector Opportunities & Expansions   Jan, 2018  Many analysts across sectors including but not limited to Healthcare, watched with anxiety in February and March as the Stock Market went on several roller coaster rides due to politics, the...