Developed with a mission in mind

Alora develops software to make it EASIER for caregivers to serve patients and for agency owners/managers to run their operation


Launched in 2006 – and consistently refined since – Alora is the product of talented software professionals guided by the input of leaders of home health care agencies.


The software was engineered to provide agencies with an alternative to complicated platforms, typically developed by larger corporations that offered inadequate customer support.


Alora’s mission is to make your experience with our software – and our company – powerfully simple. Read 10 ways we carry out this mission.


Most of our customers switched to Alora because we made it easy to adopt an all-in-one platform. And quite a few customers have experienced faster growth and higher profitability ever since they switched to Alora.


Whether you need a software for home healthprivate dutypersonal care, companion carehospice care or pediatric home care – our core promise is to make it easier for your agency to perform better.

Alora Vision, Core Values, and Strategies



We are a group of high-performing professionals who are partners to our clients with a commitment to enabling their success.  We empower our clients’ business with innovative software and establish a remarkable reputation for service that builds long-lasting relationships with clients.  We will grow because we are passionate about what we do, the clients that we serve and the potential we can achieve.


Core Values


Customer Satisfaction

We serve our customers with timely responses, a courteous attitude and respect.  We take the initiative to understand customer needs.  We provide appropriate and innovative solutions that consistently meet or exceed expectations. Our success is a reward of outstanding customer satisfaction.



We set high standards and strive for excellence in everything we do.  We take pride in our results, and seek continuous feedback to ensure quality.  We communicate with our customers to understand their needs, pay attention to details, and deliver solutions that provide value.


Continuous Improvement

We continuously strive to improve our knowledge and skills.  We strive to be software technology leaders and encourage professional development.  We are critical thinkers who share and implement ideas to improve our products and services to help our customers.



We develop and maintain effective working relationships with everyone.  We respect and value individual differences and diversity by treating everyone equally, fairly and professionally.  We share ideas and information which contributes to a positive team atmosphere and professional development.  We confidently rely on and support each other.  We collaborate effectively to achieve great results.  Teamwork is a cornerstone of our success.



Strategic Imperatives


  1. PEOPLE: Hire, develop, and retain exceptional people who are passionate about achieving their potential, bringing out the best in themselves and what they achieve as a team to benefit the clients we serve.  Our team is comprised of committed professionals who reflect our core competencies and values for long-term relationships.  At Alora, our employees are valued, empowered, accountable and rewarded.


  1. CUSTOMERS: We build long- term client relationships that earn customer respect, a high level of satisfaction, retention and unwavering commitment for the unparalleled service, support, consultation and products that we provide.


  1. ORGANIZATION: Implement an ongoing Organization Development (“OD”) program to systemically integrate our strategy with business processes that ensure congruent performance. Maintain a culture that reinforces what we value.


  1. TECHNOLOGY: Deliver and support consistently innovative software products that are user-friendly, reliable, and cost effective across multiple modern platforms.  We work to maintain a culture that encourages innovation, and our team members learn and maintain the highest skills as students of that innovation.

Let’s be honest: Software can be a hassle. It doesn’t always work as promised. Getting help on the phone can be a pain. And switching from one software platform to another means having to start all over again.


That’s why Alora works to make your experience with our software and our company as simple as possible.


Get to know Alora:


  1. Highly intuitive software. When tasks are made simpler, more gets done and done right. We put years of thinking into our software to make it as easy as possible. And with input from our customers, we are always refining how our software functions and looks.
  2. All-in-one power. Multiple products and plug-ins can complicate your agency operations. We’ve engineered Alora to be comprehensive to streamline work for your front-line caregivers and your back-office administrators.
  3. Customized packages. While Alora software pretty much does it all, you don’t have to pay for a lot of unused features. Our pricing reflects the modules and functionality you need most to run your agency efficiently.
  4. Tailored demonstrations. If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your current software, you’re likely reviewing several options. When you decide to take a closer look at Alora, we won’t waste your time. The demo we give you will be based on what’s relevant to your agency’s size and focus.
  5. Tailored training. Some companies “bundle” their software training for several agencies at once. But Alora’s skilled trainers work only with your team to get everyone up and running fast.
  6. Expert help. We like talking to agencies. So if you have a question or issue, an expert with years of home health experience will answer your call, usually on the first ring. This practice separates us from software companies that do everything possible to avoid staffing for help.

Alora Home Health Software Benefits


Whether you need software for home health, private duty, home care, companion care, hospice or pediatric home care – our core promise is to make it easier for your agency to perform better.

Watch how Alora makes work life easier for you and your staff.