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Top Home Health News of 2022

The Biggest Stories in Home Care in 2022

A look back at what impacted the home health care industry last year and into 2023

From battling to keep a full staff of caregivers during a national nursing shortage, vaccination rules easing, inflation, and the move to OASIS-E, 2022 was a big year in the home health care industry that brought both fresh challenges and new opportunities. Regulatory issues like EVV are on the horizon for 2023, fresh off the heels of NOA billing last year. Alora is committed to helping you navigate the home health landscape with thought leadership blogs, white papers, webinars, and tips for agency workflow optimization. With so much in the news, you may have missed a topic or two. In this blog we’ll run down the biggest stories of 2022.


OASIS-EThe forecast for 2023 is looking lively, with many of the big stories in 2022 influencing how home health agencies are preparing and executing their growth and operations plans. Among those top-of-mind issues right now, of course, is OASIS-E.

What are the changes in OASIS-E? What is staying the same? What’s the best home health software to handle those changes? These blogs will get you a review of all the information you’ll need to keep it moving!



For the third straight year and counting, caregiver retention and the quest for agencies to attract and keep nurses in the fold with an aging population were still front and center in 2022. It is likely to become even more of an issue in 2023, as more competitive industries threaten to lure nurses away from patient care and into more lucrative jobs with less stress and more freedom.

Many agencies are seeking strategies to make their open positions more attractive by focusing on the work environment and culture, as well as trying to offer competitive salaries and more flexible schedules. The challenge is multi-faceted, and in 2022 we featured several blogs on attracting caregivers, providing a good work/life balance, and strategies to keep current staff happy.

  1. Boosting job satisfaction to retain home health nurses
  2. The four foundations of improved staff retention in homecare agencies
  3. Creating magnetic job postings to attract nurses to your agency
  4. Five facts about caregiver burnout that will startle you
  5. Ten best ways to show caregiver appreciation
  6. Caregiver training – six key practices to get nurses off to a good start
  7. Work/life balance tips for clinicians


From Billing the NOA to states preparing to implement EVV, compliance is always an issue that stays on the agenda of forward-thinking agencies.

  1. Is it time for a policy update in your agency?
  2. Billing the Notice of Admission
  3. Home Health Agency challenges for executives
  4. CMS Survey preparation
  5. Home Health Payment Cuts in 2023


From solid management practices, to considering adding services of care types to your agency’s portfolio, there is always more to learn on how to keep grow, keep clinical staff happy, and improve the bottom line. From utilizing the best infrastructure technology such as a compliant EVV system or a solid home health software to understanding your patients and how to serve their interests in the best possible way, here are some of 2022’s top blogs on making your agency operate at peak efficiency.

  1. What grants are available to home health agencies?
  2. Expanding and adding services to your agency’s offerings
  3. The connection between accurate documentation and improved revenue
  4. Should your agency add non-skilled care?
  5. The importance of effective case management in home health care


By now most agencies are familiar with the 21st Century Cures Act and its requirements.

Depending on the state you live in, EVV in some cases is fully implemented, partially implemented, open model status, or extended.  Explore all things EVV in these blogs:

  1. EVV by state – Search for EVV news across various states
  2. Choosing the right EVV software


Thorough thought leadership white papers on starting and maintaining a successful home health agency.

White Paper- 7 Steps to Starting a Successful Home Healthcare Agency

If you’re ready to start your own agency, these seven steps will carry you from zero to launch with the fewest hurdles.

READ THE WHITEPAPER “7 Steps to starting a successful home health agency

White Paper -The Four Foundations to Improved Staff Retention in Home Health

Attracting, training, and keeping nurses and clinicians in home health agencies…learn all about it!

READ THE WHITEPAPER – “4 Foundations to improved staff retention for home health agencies”


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