Homecare EVV Software

Alora Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) offers a simplified workflow that makes work life easier for the caregivers as well as the office staff.

Homecare EVV Software

Alora Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) offers an unprecedented workflow that makes work life easier for the caregivers as well as the office staff.



For Caregivers: Alora EVV empowers caregivers with a software tool to check their schedules, capture signatures, and complete plan of care based visit note.

For the Agency: Alora EVV provides the agency staff with the ability to monitor caregivers for timely patient visits, maintaining the highest level of control on what is happening in the field. Additionally, Alora’s electronic visit verification system captures proof of visit while ensuring compliance and automating workflow.




Alora has built connectivity with many EVV aggregators, including, Sandata, Tellus, HHAeXchange, and CareBridge, to transmit EVV data.  This connectivity allows agencies to use Alora as their all-in-one solution for EVV and agency management.  Alora transmits information on all visits completed as planned to the EVV aggregator.  Alora flags visit with discrepancies – such as caregiver forgetting to clock out – for manual review before transmitting to the aggregator.



Alora EVV provides live-monitoring of home visits, alerting agencies for delayed visits and no-shows. This EVV capability gives a real-time view of home visits as they are happening. It helps your agency stay compliant while avoiding lost revenue due to missed visits. With Alora, agencies are in full control of what goes on with home visits. The EVV data captured automatically flows into the system, facilitating faster billing and accurate payroll.

Alora’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is an integrated solution within the Alora Home Care Software system. It brings several benefits to the agency:

  • Ensures compliance
  • Automates workflow from scheduling to billing and payroll
  • Eliminates manual data entry of timesheets
  • Centralizes the workflow of aides into the main Alora Home Care Software
  • Creates care plan-based visit note
  • Reduces agency costs
  • Works across mobile devices

Alora offers both GPS and telephony-based EVV systems.

Keeping Your Agency in Compliance With EVV Requirements


With a number of states enacting Homecare EVV mandates, (view state-by-state guide to EVV software systems) the need for affordable, fully integrated Electronic Visit Verification for Home Health Agencies continues to grow. Alora strives to stay ahead of state-to-state regulations and proof of visit requirements, offering forward-thinking agencies electronic visit verification solutions that give caregivers the tools they need to perform and verify their job duties while granting administrators peace of mind. While some providers operating in states where EVV mandates have already begun, offer solutions which meet the minimum requirements, Alora’s solution for electronic visit verification was developed with a comprehensive workflow in mind. As a result, the features and capabilities within Alora EVV were engineered to not only meet but exceed the requirements of many electronic visit verification protocols. For total peace of mind, Alora also offers an integrated Telephony Software, as well as AideConnect, a comprehensive home health aide visit management solution, each with fully integrated capability with Alora Home Health Software.

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With Alora…Simple is Power

Receiving the Software Advice Reviewer’s Choice award for both ease of use and outstanding customer support, Alora puts your entire staff in a position to succeed by fundamentally removing the learning curve from our solutions. It starts with phenomenal customer support, which helps you get going on an already intuitive software designed for the office staff and the field staff. With the combination of Alora Home Health Software and integrated EVV, administrators gain a simple system that keeps them on top of all the critical details of visits while granting compliance with electronic visit verification laws. Additionally, caregivers in the field can utilize mobile devices to conduct and complete visits as they go through their workday. This synergy of technology and ease of use makes it easier for your agency to focus on what matters most…outstanding patient care.

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