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Just as it has become in many other states to date, Electronic Visit Verification is a reality in Arizona. When does it start, what are the requirements, and can agencies choose whatever EVV software they desire? In this edition of the Home Health blog, we answer all those questions as we take a closer look at EVV in the state of Arizona. 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for Utah Medicaid

As an ongoing part of our commitment to keeping home health care professionals up to date with the latest regulatory information at the national and state level, in this edition of our homecare blog, we turn the spotlight on electronic visit verification in the state of UTAH. A good starting point is to look at the beginnings of how EVV requirements came to be, which brings us to the 21st Century Cures Act.

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MassHealth EVV 

What you need to know about Massachusetts Electronic Visit Verification 


As home health care agencies strive to stay compliant with regulatory requirements on both the state and federal level annually, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a hot topic in the state of Massachusetts. As one of many states where EVV implementation is currently in play, Massachusetts Medicaid EVV (most commonly referred to as MassHealth EVV) requirements will need to be addressed and prepared for by agencies operating within the state. The (EOHHS) Executive Office of Health and Human Services administers the Massachusetts Medicaid program known as MassHealth, and will provide an EVV system that complies with federal Medicaid requirements, while minimizing any undue burden on users.

EVV FOR PENNSYLVANIA MEDICAID   (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW ALORA’S EVV SYSTEM FOR PENNSYLVANIA) Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is coming to Pennsylvania. As one of many states where EVV implementation is either currently taking place, or scheduled to go into effect within the next couple of years, Pennsylvania Medicaid EVV requirements...